WALL•E Passes the $500 Mark

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated WALL•E box-office and this is probably the perfect time to start again.

WALL•E has just broken the $500 million dollar mark worldwide. This is due to the late push from Japan, where WALL•E was released December 5th. In 3 months we’ll see just how well this paid off. I’m hoping for a 600+ million dollar run.

In the domestic side, ticket sales have halted for the last few months and WALL•E has apparently finished with a solid $223, 749, 872! If it gets nominated for Best Picture that might just change…  Right now WALL•E is the number one animated movie in terms of box-office (and reviews) in America, and it’s a safe bet it’ll stay that way!

DVD sales are going great, although Disney was a bit worried last week, but I think $153,806,557 is pretty amazing considering it’s the second top selling DVD of the year behind Iron Man.

Domestic: $223,749,872
Foreign:  $278,945,725
Total: $502, 695, 597

Let’s hope the foreign market keeps it up!

(via The Numbers)

Last modified: December 17, 2008