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WALL•E Passes the $500 Mark

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated WALL•E box-office and this is probably the perfect time to start again.

WALL•E has just broken the $500 million dollar mark worldwide. This is due to the late push from Japan, where WALL•E was released December 5th. In 3 months we’ll see just how well this paid off. I’m hoping for a 600+ million dollar run.

In the domestic side, ticket sales have halted for the last few months and WALL•E has apparently finished with a solid $223, 749, 872! If it gets nominated for Best Picture that might just change…  Right now WALL•E is the number one animated movie in terms of box-office (and reviews) in America, and it’s a safe bet it’ll stay that way!

DVD sales are going great, although Disney was a bit worried last week, but I think $153,806,557 is pretty amazing considering it’s the second top selling DVD of the year behind Iron Man.

Domestic: $223,749,872
Foreign:  $278,945,725
Total: $502, 695, 597

Let’s hope the foreign market keeps it up!

(via The Numbers)

0 Responses to WALL•E Passes the $500 Mark

  1. Over half a billion dollars.

    Do you mean the $500 M Mark?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but 600 M+ worldwide boxoffice is unreachable for WALL-E.

  3. Al-Bob says:

    i don’t know…for ticket sales yes, but for overall sales it has a great chance. Especially if people buy it after it is (if) given an emmy the sales for DVD’s and Tickets should jump.

    If Japan continues smoothly and dvd sales increase shortly after Christmas day when all the sales go on Walle has a good shot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this quote is why this guy doesn’t work at Pixar anymore

    ““I hope Kung Fu Panda sweeps this year’s Annies and Oscars. I found it more entertaining than WALL-E and in terms of design, it is hands down the boldest looking animated feature released this year, period. WALL-E is impressive but the Kung Fu design is truly inspired. Surely the best looking movie to come out of Dreamworks. I hope it at least sweeps in the design categories. In this case, I think Pixar can take a lesson from Dreamworks. Kung Fu Panda is a great CG “cartoon”, with design that is caricatured, appealing and not limited by photo-realism. Kudos to the Panda crew. Having worked on Incredibles, I know that trying something different can be a huge challenge. I don’t know how you guys did it. But you raised the bar.”
    – Lou Romano”

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