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WALL•E ‘s Allusions to E.M Forster’s ‘The Machine Stops’

Matthew Battles from the Britannica Blog wrote recently about WALL•E‘s allusions to E.M. Forster’s story, The Machine Stops, written back in 1909.

As in WALL-E, “The Machine Stops” is set on a future Earth whose surface has been blasted into inhabitability by waste and pollution. Writing when radio was in its infancy, Forster (best known for his novel A Passage to India) imagined an intermediated hypercivilization in which people connect to one another through electronic screens—a videoconferencing dystopia unnervingly reminiscent of some of today’s social media.

says Battles. You can read Forster’s story right here in fact and make a judgement for yourself. 

Thanks Craig.

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  1. frank says:

    wall-e or the machine stops?

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