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WALL•E Superbowl Commercial

The commercial for WALL•E that was played during the Superbowl is now available for viewing online in many different formats, including QT, HD, WMV and iPod. 

The trailer, if you haven’t seen it, features footage from the Vacuum cleaner spot we recently saw, and….well I’ll let you be surprised like I was. Click here to view the array of viewing formats.
Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or does Woody not sound at all like Tom Hanks?

  2. martini833 says:

    why is everyone saying that
    it’s just a few lines
    how can you tell
    i watched the original toy story trailer
    and the new WALL-E ad
    and compared
    and figured that’s Tom’s “calm” voice

  3. Heimlich says:

    We can tell because we know Tom Hanks, unlike you. Since you didn’t notice the first time, you were fooled.
    Comparing voices now isn’t gonna help you.
    You simply don’t know Tom Hanks.
    For example: If my grandma said it wasn’t Tom Hanks the first time she saw it. I’m not gonna go review the tape and compare voices then say It is Tom Hanks.
    The person who noticed first knows better. Don’t try to prove people wrong.

  4. bawpcwpn says:

    Heimlich, I don’t agree with Martini due to some evidence I’m about to present, but I don’t respect or agree with your philosophy and logic either. If humans didn’t question their existence and try to prove people wrong, civilization would be nowhere.

    On the other hand, Victor Navone did say on his blog that Tom Hanks’ brother Jim does the voice-over work usually when it’s not a feature film.

  5. A113 says:

    I want that BnL vacuum cleaner!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t mean that it for sure WASN’T Tom Hanks, only that he sounds a lot different in this clip. To me, anyway.

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