Weird: Presto Magically Duplicates Himself?

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Remember The Little Cars, What’s Up? or Ratatoing, those bizarre Pixar knock-offs which got major attention for being so unintentionally hilarious?

Well here’s a change of pace. Instead of totally ripping an idea straight out of a Pixar trailer and butchering it to death, someone was out to literally mimic one of the studio’s final products. At least that’s what was recently attempted with Pixar’s 2008 theatrical short Presto.

But don’t get concerned too quickly! We don’t really know who produced this "remake" or for what purpose. All we know is that it was made in China and features the same soundtrack (complete with effects) as Presto. It could’ve just been a student assignment (which would be admirable in this case) and nothing in the vein of embarrassing "Pixaren’t" films, as Lee Unkrich put it.

I just find it very peculiar that this short is almost identical to Pixar’s Presto in regards to staging, design, and animation. It’s a big change from the familiar DVD releases we "magically" get right before certain blockbuster animated films are released. All in all, it lacks that signature Pixar touch and would almost certainly never be mistaken for the Lamp’s work. You can watch it now on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on this strange Presto clone?

(via SlashFilm)

Last modified: November 18, 2009