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What Does It Take to Go Up?

Up’s brave ‘For Your Consideration‘ campaign has got people asking, what does it take to go up?

I mean, up the awards ranks, especially in a year where the odds are all for Pixar’s 10th film. The Hollywood Reporter took that question and showed us a whole new side of Pete Docter’s production in the magazine’s latest Anatomy of a Contender piece. The little known stories and original perspectives (with quotes from the team) make this article a must read for us fans.

As it’s widely known, Pixar films take many years to produce and even more to develop, write, and tweak. But it turns out it’s not just Docter and co. that had to be troopers, 79-year-old Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen) suffered an unexpected, mildly serious injury during production! Producer Jonas Rivera shares a story about how he almost instantly brushed it off and was back up on his feet insisting to continue recording.

That truly exemplifies the dedication one needs to make a film worthy of an Oscar. Read the full article from THR for more stories behind Up. 

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