What's Up at the Disney Store? [UPDATED]

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Lately some really exciting Up products have been revealed like the Dug and Alpha Team plushes.

Even more Up knick knacks will be in stock at the Disney Store very soon such as t-shirts, plushes and other accessories. There are currently two Up themed kids tees to purchase. In the collection is a t-shirt with the Wilderness Explorer uniform printed on it and another t-shirt that says "I Smell You" with Dug on it. Hawaiian shirts, much like the ones John Lasseter wear, are now available, more adult tees are expected soon. Some Up books are also on sale like the storybook, junior novelization and My Name is Dug, as well as some exclusives like the My Adventure Book scrapbook and the Wilderness Explorer travel journal. Miscellaneous items available include luggage tags, a coffee mug featuring Carl, a spectacular snowglobe and reusable shopping bags with the main characters printed on. Last but not least you can purchase Muntz’s talking dogs Dug, Alpha, Beta and Gamma and the Jumbo Dug plush.

Whatever items are not yet available on the site will be available at your local Disney Store in the next few weeks and/or the website soon enough. Check out pictures from the Up display (one of which is above, click to view larger) at a Disney Store taken by Hog-Hug at the Pixar Planet Forums.

(Thanks, Hog-Hug)

Update: In other Up merchandise news, Disney’s Zazzle shop now includes Up graphics! Zazzle is a website where you can order customized gifts like tee shirts, mugs and stamps. Check out the new graphics here.

Last modified: May 10, 2009