Woody's News Round-Up! (07/11/12)

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With Monsters University still a year from release, have you been looking for more to look forward to surrounding Pixar after Brave? Among other news, some hints from the Pixar crew are teasing even more productions and tie-ins to expect from the studio in the future.

Could "Rainy City Tales 332" Be a First Look at Pixar’s Next Short?: For several months, the blog Rain City Tales 332 has been quietly recording updates regarding the production of an upcoming animated short which tells the story of objects in a rainy city. Pixar Times took notice of the blog and wrote up an excellent postdeducing that this could very likely be Pixar’s latest short. According to the blog, a formal reveal could come as soon as next week. Stay tuned!

Enrico Casarosa Hints at More La Luna
On Tuesday, La Luna director Enrico Casarosa tweeted a tantalizing picture of "something special" related to La Luna. Looking closely, it’s likely an early glimpse of a vinyl figure or statue based on the main character of the short, Bambino. If so, it’s great to see Pixar’s shorts getting more merchandising recognition following the recent Bambino plush.

Merida Joins Disney on Ice: With the immense popularity of Princess Merida, the main character of Brave, it’s no wonder that Disney is welcoming the heroine to their cast of characters with open arms. Starting on August 31 this year, Merida will be skating alongside Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle in Disney on Ice‘s Rockin’ Ever After. For a first look at Merida’s ice debut, look to the right and read the full press release at ZannaLand.

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Last modified: July 11, 2012