Woody's News Round-Up! (2/15/13)

Monsters University News Round-Ups The Blue Umbrella

With Monsters University finally arriving in the foreseeable future, the flow of Pixar news is slowly beginning to ramp up once more. Here are some interesting Monsters U and Blue Umbrella stories from the past week.

Monsters University at the NY Toy Fair: Disney and Pixar went all out to show off their upcoming Monsters University merchandise at this year’s Toy Fair; in addition to exhibiting a myriad of new toys, they held a special event for the film which included a full-on marching band and guest appearances by John Goodman, Dan Scanlon, and Kori Rae. There, the speakers dropped some new tidbits about the film, such as more additions to the voice cast: Charlie Day as Art and Sean Hayes as Terri. Head over to Pixar Times for the full details.

Poster for The Blue Umbrella: Pixar’s latest short recently premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival to, as director Saschka Unseld put it, "the best audience ever." The event was followed by a poster signing; check out the gorgeous poster to the right, via Vulture.

Another Faux-University Ad for Monsters: Disney•Pixar is smartly continuing their viral ad campaign for Monsters University, which began earlier this year with a TV spot and insanely elaborate website. The Monsters University Youtube channel just posted another video with a few words from Dean Hardscrabble. It doesn’t cover much ground that the first video didn’t, but this time some actual film footage is thrown in.

Look for Monsters University and The Blue Umbrella on June 21!

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Last modified: February 15, 2013