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Woody’s News Round-Up! (4/10/13)

Pixar is holding a special event this week to give the press a peek at Monsters University and The Blue Umbrella. Although we weren’t able to attend, we’ll be sure to post a summary of the happenings and any new impressions of the film as they arrive. In the meantime, get up-to-date on the latest Monsters University news:

Monsters University Site Gets Another Update: A fairly bare-bones Monsters University website launched last month, but Disney has recently fleshed it out with a few more sections to explore. In addition to some new character bios, there are a plethora of wallpapers and other downloads to check out.

The Story Behind the Story of Monsters University: An often unappreciated bunch, Pixar’s story team plays a critical role in ensuring that each Pixar film’s emotional beats are effective and meaningful. In a brand new Disney Insider interview, Monsters University story supervisor Kelsey Mann recalls some of the challenges of working on Pixar’s latest film (227,246 storyboards!). Read the full story here.

Monsters University Books Get Cover Art: Regardless of your interest in the childrens’ books that accompany each Pixar movie, there’s no denying that they often contain some appealing and colorful illustrations. Now that Amazon has updated many of their listings for upcoming Monsters University books with cover art, you can get a peek at some of the visual stylings they’ll contain. The Little Golden Book cover (to the right) is particularly nice; be sure to take a look at the rest.

Are you looking forward to Monsters University’s June 21 release?

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