Up Round-Up (5/14/09) [UPDATE]

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There’s 15 days ‘til Up is in theatres, here are a few articles that might get you just a little more excited, if thats even possible:

Cannes Reaction:
Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera tweeted from Cannes earlier in the day and this is what they had to say:
"Pete and Jonas here. For those of you asking what the reaction was at last night’s Opening Night screening in Cannes: amazing!! Standing ovation and 10 minutes of applause, we could NOT believe it. Still can’t. It’s totally surreal…and so fantastic! "
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Up Train Advertisement: We’ve seen quite a bit of creative marketing up in the air for Pixar’s 10th feature such as the airship and flying chair. Let’s take it down to Earth for this one. The San Francisco MUNI has been wrapped with Carl and company. You may remember a similar tactic was used last year with WALL•E on buses. Click to view larger.

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Up Gang at DHS: The Magic of Animation building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida will be hosting Pixar’s latest heroes. Fans can take pictures with Carl, Russell and Dug throughout the day starting tomorrow, May 15th. As you may remember, this is the same building that housed all those reprints of storyboards, concept art, knick knacks and more from the film. 
Follow this link to see the video we posted earlier featuring the Up characters at Disney’s California Adventure.

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Up French Blu-ray and DVD: is reporting that the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Up will be available in France on November 29th. This announcement is puzzling since Up hasn’t even officially premiered in the US and opened just yesterday at Cannes. Pixar home video releases are usually finished right about when the film is out for release, but having a price and date so early is usually unheard of…

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Enjoy! Hope you guys don’t mind the conglomerate post.

Last modified: May 14, 2009