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10th Annual Pixar Motorama!

Cars 2 is less than a year away, so you can imagine what the folks at Pixar may be experiencing: Motorama!

The studio’s 10th annual car show was held this past Friday and Autoweek was there to document the festivities. Catch Pixarian motor-fanatics among classic and concept vehicles (including a Hudson Hornet) in the video below:

Cars 2 drives into theatres on June 24th, 2011!

Your thoughts?

(Thanks to our friend, damoxy)

0 Responses to 10th Annual Pixar Motorama!

  1. K9Girl says:

    That was really a neat video! I enjoyed it a lot.
    And Cars 2 is in 2011. Not 2010. 😉

  2. martini833 says:

    Good catch, K9Girl!
    Sounds like I need to get some sleep. 😛

  3. Rey says:

    Sunny California.

    You can’t beat that.

  4. nickname510 says:

    was this open to the public or was it just for pixar employees?

  5. That looks amazing!!!! The best sound in the world is a cars moter, the louder the better!

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