A Look at the Music of Cars 2!

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Just short of a full track list, Disney/Pixar announced all of the songs that will appear on Cars 2: The Original Soundtrack next month.

Contemporary rock band Weezer, country star Brad Paisley, British singer/songwriter Robbie Williams, French star Benabar and J-pop super group Perfume all contribute at least one track to the eclectic album. The latter two performers bring a distinctly international flavor to the soundtrack with lyrics in French and Japanese, respectively. Here’s a preview:

Song: "You Might Think"
Performer(s): Weezer
Fun Facts: Cover of The Cars’ song.

Song: "Collision of Worlds"
Performer(s): Robbie Williams, Brad Paisley

Song: "Nobody’s Fool"
Performer(s): Brad Paisley
Fun Facts: Paisley’s fourth song for the Cars franchise.

Song: "Mon coeur fait vroom" (MY Heart Goes Vroom)
Performer(s): Benabar
Fun Facts: Introduces Paris scene; co-written by Giacchino.

Song: "Polyrhythm"
Performer(s): Perfume
Fun Facts: Introduces Tokyo scene.

Also: Look out for a brand new Cars 2 trailer tomorrow morning!

Cars 2: The Original Soundtrack, composed by Michael Giacchino, hits store shelves on June 14.

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Last modified: May 11, 2011