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Animation Mentor Gaining Popularity

You may heard about the online animation school, Animation Mentor, started back in 2004 by Pixar’s Bobby "Boom" Beck and Carlos Baena, and ILM’s Shawn Kelly. reports on the sites increase in popularity over these past few years. 

At the end of its first year, Animation Mentor had 350 students. It now has 700. When it was founded, the company had five employees, including Back. It now has 28 workers and seeks to hire at least two more, according to a posting on its Web site. The company now occupies 6,700 square feet in Berkeley but it preparing to double its size and move to 14,000 square feet in Emeryville, Calif.

says the article. "Initially, the studios weren’t too sure about what we were doing," Beck said. "Now they are very interested. They have hired several of our students." 

The article is a very interesting read, especially if your considering going to Animation Mentor. Thanks Guido for the heads up.

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