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Best of the Decade Lists + Pixar

Originally, I was aiming for this post to be online before the decade ended. But, due to some unexpected circumstances, that deadline was not possible.

Anyway, here is a list of end of the decade honors for each Pixar movie released between the years 2000 and 2009.

Monsters, Inc. (2001): Collider #2 along with all below, unranked w/ all below, Metacritic #90

Finding Nemo (2003): The Washington Post #1, Daily Mail #18, Metacritic #41, Orlando Sentinel unranked, Austin 360 unranked

The Incredibles (2004): Daily Mail UK #4, Metacritic #12, Times Online #16, Flicks New Zealand #31, The Star-Ledger unranked, Rotten Tomatoes unranked

Cars (2006): Pixar Planet’s Special Mention

Ratatouille (2007): At the Movies #2, Metacritic #3, Paste Magazine #32, Daily Mail #37

WALL•E (2008): At the Movies #1, The Dallas Morning News #2, Entertainment Weekly #5, IMDb #8, Metacritic #8, #12, Flicks New Zealand #20, Oklahoma Daily #39, The Canadian Press unranked

Up (2009): Film School Rejects #13, Oklahoma Daily #13, Paste Magazine #14, IMDb #15, Metacritic #54

Remember, these are rankings out of the thousands of movies released in the past 10 years, so landing on a list at all is HUGE. As an added bonus, here’s a collection featuring Best of 2009 lists that include Pixar’s 10th film, Up.

Up — Best of 2009: Chicago Tribune #1, Epoch Times #1, All Headline News #1TIME Magazine #2, Paste Magazine #2, Entertainment Weekly #2, The Associated Press #5, National Post #8, The New Yorker unranked

Thanks to Pixar Talk for their laborious collection of lists in their news round-ups throughout the last couple of weeks. It helped in the making of this post.

Let us know of any other lists mentioning Pixar that we might have missed by commenting below. While you’re doing that, tell us what your favorite film(s) of the decade was/were, Pixar or otherwise.

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