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BURN•E Screenshots/Up Trailer News

The Pixar Blog has some (non-spoilerific) screenshots from Pixar’s latest short, BURN-E. The short runs 7:35 and is directed by Angus MacLane as previously reported.

Just as a tidbit, Pixar publicity has confirmed that the DVD/Blu-ray Up trailer is the same one that was previously released on the official Up website. Pixar Publicity also confirmed that the new Up trailer will in fact be attached to Disney’s Bolt coming soon to theatres November 21st.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I wonder if next year Upcoming Pixar could get a copy of the DVD in advance, like The Pixar Blog did… that would be cool.

    It seems as if the story of BURN-E will take place after WALL-E and EVE go back into the Axiom, and after BURN-E gets locked out. But that would be from what I could tell from the screenshots.

    I hope the longer version of the Up trailer hits the ‘net ‘cause I’m not sure I’ll see Bolt at the cinemas.

  2. Netbug009 says:

    must not look at screencaps….. (resists)

    More reason to go see Bolt! Glad to see a new trailer’s coming!

  3. you were quick to read my comment about the wall-e packaging, but i’m waiting for you to post the new up trailer that the ultimatedisney user said he sent you. but here it is:

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