Cars 2 Artwork Revealed in Disney Annual Report 2009!

Cars 2 News

Even if you’re not an investor, Disney’s Annual Report is worth getting excited about because it oftentimes contains preview images from upcoming Pixar films.

In this year’s Studio Entertainment section of the report, stunning artwork from Cars 2 production (click to view expanded image) was made publicly available for the first time! Tokyo’s Mt. Fuji serves as the backdrop for this digital painting which features Lightning McQueen slightly leading against an unnamed Formula 1 racecar.

Cars 2 (still no mention of World Grand Prix) follows Lightning McQueen and Mater as they travel the globe in their continuing adventures. With this piece we’re able to better imagine what we’ve been hearing from Disney/Pixar’s press events hyping what sounds like a really entertaining continuation to the original film.

Late last year we learned more specifics about the plot of Cars 2; the Race of Champions takes the automotive duo to Cars universe parallels of locations in Japan, Italy, Germany, France and England for competition against world class racers! During the course of their globe trotting, Mater is mistaken for a top spy named Finn McMissile, making for some great hijinks.

Back to the annual report, you can check it out in HTML or PDF versions and browse through statements on all of The Walt Disney Company’s operations. Toy Story 3 graces the cover while praise abounds for the success of Up and WALL•E theatrically and on home video inside.

What do you think about this piece of Cars 2 artwork? Are you more excited for the upcoming sequel now that a visual representation is available? Is it just me, or did Lightning finally install working headlights?

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Last modified: January 23, 2010