More Left To Consider For Up?

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The title of this post might be a little bit misleading. After all, what more is there left to consider when Up speaks for itself as a magnificent film?

But for some Academy voters, it may take a little bit of a refresher to pick the most outstanding choices this year. These ‘For Your Consideration’ ads remind AMPAS members about the fantastic ride that Pixar’s 10th film took its audience through back in May-June of 2009. And what better time to do so than now? Oscar ballots are due later today, so for many in Hollywood (and around the globe) it’s their last chance to have their picks counted until Oscar nominations are announced on February 2nd.

The latest For Your Consideration ads still play in to the emotional themes of Pete Docter’s latest flick, but the format never seems to get old. My favorite of the set breaks down Russell’s heart wrenching exchange with Carl in 3 different frames, leaving quite an impression on its viewers. But how can we forget the iconic takeoff scene with Carl? That’s the theme in another ad which proclaims "For sheer emotion, no film soared higher than Up." Check out the texture on that house… and the emphasis on Best Picture!

Last but not least is The Walt Disney Studios’ congratulatory ad for its Golden Globe winners. Of course, this isn’t a For Your Consideration piece, but as we know, Up took home both of the awards it was nominated for last Sunday!

All of the pages above originally appeared in Variety. Remember, Up covers and ads are compiled masterfully at Awards Daily, the site that’s always ready with the latest FYCs.

Last modified: January 23, 2010