Toy Story Blu-ray News Updates: Final Cover Art Revealed, Featurette Previews + Toy Story 3 on 3D Blu-ray!

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When we first got word of the upcoming Toy Story and Toy Story 2 Blu-ray releases, a bunch of exciting special features were announced. But when it comes to cover art, all we got is a minimalist treatment.

Shortly thereafter we were treated to a rough idea of what was to come in the form of preliminary box art featuring re-used character poses of Buzz, Woody and Jessie. Now, Disney Store has revealed the official (and presumably final) box art for the Blu-ray and DVD releases of both the original Toy Story and its sequel. Each Blu-ray looks sleek and very appealing; it’s almost as if the toy gang wasn’t satisfied with just the logo and decided to hop in!
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Over at Amazon, both movie’s pages contain short previews of the supplemental content that we’ll get to see on the discs. For Toy Story, the preview clips include a profile on rebuilding Pixar’s first film back when it was a struggling script and The Path to Pixar interviews. On the other hand, Toy Story 2’s pre-order page features a jaw-dropping demo of the Toy Story Zoetrope and a profile on scratch voices starring the late Joe Ranft. Check out the rest of the Blu-ray supplementary content over at our previous post.

Toy Story on Blu-ray and Toy Story 2 on Blu-ray Special Edition are packaged as a BRD + DVD combo pack including most (if not all) previous DVD content. Both releases fly into store shelves promptly on March 23rd, 2010 with their own unique Toy Story 3 preview.
Alternatively, you can buy the films packaged as a DVD + Blu-ray combo; confusing right. These versions of the films will be delayed until May 18th, 2010 according to Disney Store. Your best bet is to get the Blu-ray.

Toy Story 3 on 3D Blu-ray: This last headline apparently flew way under my radar. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Toy Story 3 would be one out of three preliminary titles to be released in 3D Blu-ray from Disney. Wow, that’s a lot of "3s"! A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland are also listed for the format and are scheduled for release this year, believe it or not. 

Of course, these discs require a capable TV set which, according to the article, should start appearing in the market soon. This can be seen as good or bad news. The good, we can enjoy movies (like Up for those who missed it in theatres) time and time again with "real" depth. The bad, demand for 3D theatrical releases may plummet. Speaking of theatrical releases and Toy Story, the 3D UK premiere of ‘2’ is tomorrow.

What do you think about the brand new cover art? Did the featurette previews appeal to you? What is your opinion on Toy Story 3’s reported 3D home release?

(Hat Tip to Stitch Kingdom)

Last modified: January 21, 2010