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Cars 2: Full Track List Revealed!

The full Cars 2 tracklisting has been revealed right on the heels (or should I say wheels) of Disney/Pixar’s big musical announcement last Wednesday.

According to Amazon, the Michael Giacchino composed film score will include 21 tracks and 5 songs in total. Please note, track titles may contain spoilers so refrain from reading this post if you’d like to steer clear:

1. "You Might Think" — Weezer
2. "Collision of Worlds" — Brad Paisley, Robby Williams
3. "Mon Caeur Fait Vroum" (My Heart Goes Vroom) — Benabar
4. "Nobody’s Fool" — Brad Paisley
5. "Polyrythm" — Perfume
6. "Turbo Transmission"
7. "It’s Finn McMissile!"
8. "Mater The Waiter"
9. "Radiator Reunion"
10. "Cranking Up The Heat"
11. "Towkyo Takeout"
12. "Tarmac The Magnificent"
13. "Whose Engine Is This?"
14. "History’s Biggest Loser Cars"
15. "Mater Of Disguise"
16. "Porto Corsa"
17. "The Lemon Pledge"
18. "Mater’s Getaway"
19. "Mater Warns McQueen"
20. "Going To The Backup Plan"
21. "Mater’s The Bomb"
22. "Blunder And Lightning"
23. "The Other Shoot"
24. "Axlerod Exposed"
25. "The Radiator Springs Gran Prix"
26. "The Turbomater"

No Car-edits (Credits)? Oh well, sounds like a great collection anyway!
Cars 2: The Original Soundtrack drops June 14.

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