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Cars 2 Weekday Box-Office Report! (07/05/11 – 07/07/11) [UPDATE X2]

Cars 2 entered its second week at the United States box-office with a boost from Monday’s national holiday.

Although Pixar’s latest is nowhere near last year’s impressive Toy Story 3 numbers, the film seems to be standing its ground as the work week moves along. Check in daily to track Cars 2‘s progress.

Monday: 4th of July — Counted as weekend.
Tuesday: $3,822,288
Wednesday: $3,654,951
Thursday: $3,581,966

Cumulative: $133,619,515

Notes + Predictions: As we noted in the past, this weekend was pretty abysmal compared to Pixar’s latest releases. However, the weekday seems to be holding up well. By the end of Sunday, I can see Cars 2 safely crossing the $150 million mark. Where do you see it ending?

International: Around the world, Cars 2 has earned an estimated $82 million dollars for a combined global total of $208 million.

Your thoughts?

(via Box Office Mojo)

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