Ratatouille Returning to Theatres in 3D?


Posted by Martin • July 14, 2010

Now that it’s out in the open, I guess I can mention an upcoming project that has had me very excited for a couple of months:

Ratatouille 3D!

Yup, according to Pixar 3D Supervisor, Bob Whitehill, the film’s conversion is currently in development. Brad Bird is even on board to guide the process along.

Hey U Guys has the entire roundtable interview with Whitehill (focusing on Toy Story 3, spoilers), but if you want to hear his thoughts on Ratatouille 3D alone, skip to the seventh minute of the video. For more, keep reading below:

I’m not going to say that I was at the panel seen above, or that they told us to keep the Ratatouille 3D blurb to ourselves. 😉 Instead, here’s what I think about the re-release.

Although it might not seem conventional, Ratatouille is perfectly fit for 3D. If you’re not convinced, check out the kitchen scene. Remy’s scale would allow for great use of depth. You don’t see it in the video, but I also strongly petitioned for a 3D WALL•E…

Could this mean other Pixar 3D re-releases could be on the way? A Cars and/or Monsters, Inc. re-issue would make sense with sequels coming up…With that said, I have no idea when/if we’ll see ‘Rat’ or anything else like it.

How do you feel about Ratatouille 3D?

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Pixar Memorabilia Auctions to Benefit Haiti [UPDATE X3]

A Bug's Life, Auction, Cars, Charity, Lee Unkrich, Merchandise, Monsters, Inc., Pixar, Poster, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • January 23, 2010

Toy Story 3 Woody Poster Signed by Tom HanksEver wanted to get your dirty mits on original gear from a Pixar director’s own private collection?

How about an original 1995 Buzz Action Figure signed by Tim Allen or perhaps even a Toy Story 3 poster signed by a cast member? Well today is your lucky day!

Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, is hosting a series of auctions on eBay for you to score this insanely cool Pixar gear. All of the proceeds from each of these auctions benefits the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Update: New items added, finished auctions removed!
Here is what you can currently bid on:

Cars Joe Ranft Storyboard Print Crew Gift
Ratatouille Vintage-Inspired Poster Crew Gift
The Incredibles Teddy Newton Artwork Print Crew Gift
Lee’s Personal The Incredibles Hawaiian Shirt
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Disneyland Poster
The Art of The Incredibles Signed By Brad Bird
The Incredibles Screenplay Signed By Brad Bird
Monsters, Inc. Original 2001 Crew T-Shirt
Monsters, Inc. 2001 Mug Signed By Pete Docter
Monsters, Inc. 2001 Lunchbox Signed By Pete Docter
Original Tin Toy Pixar T-Shirt From 1988
Toy Story 1995 SIGGRAPH T-Shirt
Toy Story Original 1995 Crew Shirt
WALL•E Original 2008 Crew Jacket (BnL Edition)
WALL•E Crew Baseball Cap
Monsters, Inc. Hawaiian Shirt
Monsters, Inc. Boxers Worn By Chimp In DVD Featurettes
Monsters, Inc. Picture Book Signed By Ricky Nierva (2, 3)
Up Crew Leather Satchel
Toy Story 2 Jessie Doll Signed By John Lasseter

Lee Unkrich's Personal 2008 Original WALL-E Crew JacketGet your bids in quickly!
Check out past items at this archived post.

These are amazing once-in-a-lifetime offers, and not only will you be getting a cool piece of certified Pixar memorabillia, but you will also be helping people very much in need in Haiti.

Update 2: Lee Unkrich’s auction has raised over $13,000 dollars for Haiti so far! New items added above.

Update 3: Now the tally has gone up to $20,000 dollars raised! Keep helping Haiti, new items added.

That’s it for today! Be sure to stay tuned to Lee’s Twitter feed next week when he posts more signed stuff.

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Best of the Decade Lists + Pixar

Cars, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Pixar, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, UP, WALL-E

Posted by Martin • January 2, 2010

Originally, I was aiming for this post to be online before the decade ended. But, due to some unexpected circumstances, that deadline was not possible.

Anyway, here is a list of end of the decade honors for each Pixar movie released between the years 2000 and 2009.

Monsters, Inc. (2001): Collider #2 along with all below, unranked w/ all below, Metacritic #90

Finding Nemo (2003): The Washington Post #1, Daily Mail #18, Metacritic #41, Orlando Sentinel unranked, Austin 360 unranked

The Incredibles (2004): Daily Mail UK #4, Metacritic #12, Times Online #16, Flicks New Zealand #31, The Star-Ledger unranked, Rotten Tomatoes unranked

Cars (2006): Pixar Planet’s Special Mention

Ratatouille (2007): At the Movies #2, Metacritic #3, Paste Magazine #32, Daily Mail #37

WALL•E (2008): At the Movies #1, The Dallas Morning News #2, Entertainment Weekly #5, IMDb #8, Metacritic #8, #12, Flicks New Zealand #20, Oklahoma Daily #39, The Canadian Press unranked

Up (2009): Film School Rejects #13, Oklahoma Daily #13, Paste Magazine #14, IMDb #15, Metacritic #54

Remember, these are rankings out of the thousands of movies released in the past 10 years, so landing on a list at all is HUGE. As an added bonus, here’s a collection featuring Best of 2009 lists that include Pixar’s 10th film, Up.

Up — Best of 2009: Chicago Tribune #1, Epoch Times #1, All Headline News #1TIME Magazine #2, Paste Magazine #2, Entertainment Weekly #2, The Associated Press #5, National Post #8, The New Yorker unranked

Thanks to Pixar Talk for their laborious collection of lists in their news round-ups throughout the last couple of weeks. It helped in the making of this post.

Let us know of any other lists mentioning Pixar that we might have missed by commenting below. While you’re doing that, tell us what your favorite film(s) of the decade was/were, Pixar or otherwise.

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At The Movies Ranks Top Films of the Decade: WALL•E Followed By Ratatouille!

Ratatouille, WALL-E

Posted by Martin • December 28, 2009

The title of this post might be a little misleading considering ABC’s At the Movies has two main critics calling the shots.

The fact is that some of the most prestigious critics on TV, A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips, have rated a couple of Pixar films very high on their Best of the Decade lists! WALL•E and Ratatouille were ranked separately (but very high up) on both critic’s respective picks. Here’s how it went down.

A.O. Scott: It’s apparent that this critic is a sci-fi fan because his top two films are A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and WALL•E! Of course, our favorite little bot took the cake with the #1 spot. I adore both films even though I’m not particularly huge on sci-fi. In fact WALL•E and A.I. are among my favorite films ever!!

Michael Phillips: Just like the star of this critic’s number two film says, the only predictable thing in life is its unpredictability. And that’s exactly what appeals to Michael Phillips when it comes to Ratatouille, his favorite comedy of the decade. The art film-esque Paris and beautiful Michael Giacchino score is the cherry on top. There Will Be Blood, a film I have regrettably not seen yet and have been putting off, was awarded the top spot by Phillips.

Both critics noted that picking those films was saying a lot seeing as Pixar’s library is full of masterpieces. Check out the rest of Scott and Phillip’s picks, and make your own verdict in the user voted category, over at At the Movie’s official website. I encourage you to pick a certain trash collector that’s at #3…

As the year (and decade) comes to a close, more and more movie sites are posting (or have already posted) their obligatory Top of the Decade lists and I’m going to do my best to compile as many as I can that include Pixar films before ’09 is over. Please help me out in the comments if you can!

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TS3 Clip to Air During Disney/Pixar Weekend on ABC Family! [UPDATE]

Cars, Pixar, Ratatouille, Short Film, Television, The Incredibles, Toy Story 3

Posted by Martin • December 18, 2009

What is this, Pixar Channel, or something?! Nope, it’s ABC Family‘s Disney/Pixar Weekend!

Starting tonight (12/18) and ending Sunday, ABC Family will be airing beloved Pixar favorites as part of their 25 Days of Christmas promo. This is a weekend of prime-time TV you don’t want to miss; you’ll revisit classics while taking a peek at the future. Check out the schedule below, all times ET/PT:

Tune in today at 7:30 PM for a showing of Cars followed by another chance to check out Pixar Short Films! Also, watch out for Prep & Landing, Disney’s brilliant Christmas special, 30 minutes before.

Tomorrow, catch the ABC Family premiere of Ratatouille at 8:00 PM ET/PT immediately following an encore of Pixar Short Films at 6:00 PM.

Sunday tops off Disney/Pixar Weekend with a bang! Don’t miss The Incredibles, also at 8:00 PM, for a sneak preview of Pixar’s upcoming sequel! The Incredibles will encore on Christmas Day at 8:30 PM.

Lee Unkrich announced today on Twitter that during Sunday’s showing of The Incredibles there will be a special sneak peek at Toy Story 3! The two minute film clip will be hosted by Unkrich himself. My best guess says that it will be the clip from D23 that we’ve been hearing so much about.

Update: Check out this cool ABC Family promo (still above) featuring a teaser of the clip we’ll see from Toy Story 3! Can you guess what Woody is staring in agony at? If you’ve been following TS3 news, it shouldn’t be too hard. 

Remember, check your local listings!!! Oh, and enjoy the weekend!

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Snazzy: Pixar Formation Arts by Square-Enix

Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story 2, UP, WALL-E

Posted by Martin • November 13, 2009

I’m a big fan of past formation arts featuring Pixar characters and wondered if we’d ever see any based on the studio’s latest pics.

Well, have no fear, Square-Enix (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series) is here with the Disney•Pixar set, part of the Disney Formation Arts line! Basically, they’re 3D scenes capturing the essence of a particular franchise… in toy form. This set (numbers 16-20 in the Disney series) includes Toy Story 2 (Buzz Lightyear), Cars, Ratatouille, WALL•E and Up as seen in this article’s picture!

Each PVC is finely crafted for display purposes with a Pixar logo base. The collection as a whole is truly captivating but my favorite would have to be Ratatouille’s sculpt, the animation suspended in time is set up perfectly! You can check out the rest of the Disney Formation Arts over at Square-Enix’s online store. Expect the Pixar series to land in March of 2010, I’ll definitely look into getting a few.

So what did you think of these licensed creations? Which one’s your favorite?

(Source: Stitch Kingdom via Tomopop)

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Celebrating A Week of Pixar at UC Santa Cruz!

Ed Catmull, Monsters, Inc., Pixar, Ratatouille, The Pixar Story, Toy Story

Posted by Martin • October 8, 2009

The University of California Santa Cruz is hosting a film retrospective on Pixar Animation Studios from October 20th to the 23rd!

The week of Pixar presentations will include everything from movie screenings to lectures from Pixarians. Some of the events are even free of charge! Check out what’s going on below:

October 20th: Tales of Labor and Value: What Works at Pixar consists a Monsters, Inc. screening and snippets from Ratatouille. The movies will be followed by a talk on what messages Pixar films are sending about productivity in the workplace. This event is free, more details below.

October 21st: The next day, you can experience The Making of Toy Story hosted by Pixar’s Mark Henne. Of course, it’s an inside story on the production of the world’s first computer animated feature film. Admission is $10, free with student ID.

October 22nd: Making Movies is Hard Fun: Building Tools for Telling Stories will be headlined by Michael B. Johnson (you may recognize him from Twitter.) He’ll be talking about the technical innovations and challenges that come with the making of a Pixar film. If you’re in the area, you really don’t want to miss this special screening of The Pixar Story followed by a Q&A session with filmmaker Leslie Iwerks! Tickets cost $5 dollars, get them here.
October 23rd: If those last presentations weren’t exciting enough, get ready for this one. Ed Catmull, President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios will be giving a lecture entitled, Creativity ~ What I Don’t Know and What I Know! This rare opportunity to see Catmull in person is yours for free, but you must pre-order tickets from this page to attend.

Find times and locations for the first three events with this list. For more information on the latter two and the celebration in general, check out the official portal. If you’re planning on attending UCSC’s (almost) week long event, drop us a line!

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Pixar Steel Book Blu-rays: Future Shop Exclusives

A Bug's Life, Blu-Ray, Cars, Disney, Monsters, Inc., Pixar, Ratatouille, UP, WALL-E

Posted by Martin • September 25, 2009

Canada’s Future Shop will be releasing exclusive Disney steel book Blu-rays each week starting October 6th for 12 weeks!

Six of the titles coming soon for this special promotion are from Pixar’s catalog. Ratatouille will be available on Week 5 (Nov. 3rd) with Week 6 (Nov. 10th) marking a double release of both Up and Monsters, Inc. The next week will be followed by WALL•E then A Bug’s Life and Cars (Nov. 17th-Dec. 1st) each spaced exactly one week apart from each other.

The first Blu-ray to go on sale from the series will be Disney’s first animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During the promotion, you’ll also find other Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and The Nightmare Before Christmas in addition to the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The art on each of these steel book Blu-ray cases is magnificent and definitely worth buying for any serious home video collector who can get their hands on it. If you’re looking for a unique way to display your Pixar collection, Future Shop’s set is the way to go!

Each Blu-ray will be available for pre-order 7 days prior to release.

(via Pixar Talk)

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Nancy Cartwright Interviews Brad Bird

1906, Brad Bird, Ratatouille, The Incredibles

Posted by Martin • July 1, 2009

Before his days as a Pixar director, Brad Bird worked on The Simpsons. So it’s appropriate that the voice of Bart would conduct a Q&A with the acclaimed director!

Nancy Cartwright chatted with the man she met more than twenty years ago during the early days of the animated sitcom for this Animation World Magazine interview. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Brad Bird, presumably because he’s been busy getting everything together for his upcoming Warner Bros./Disney project titled 1906, so it’s even more exciting to see a brand new article in his own words.

Lead by Cartwright’s informed questions, expect much talk about the multiple Academy Award winning director’s days working on The Simpsons, his further work with Steven Spielberg, his first feature film at Warner Bros. and of course his current home at Pixar! Bird even goes into the production of his first animated short film (completed around age 14) and how his mom tricked him into finishing it which in turn got him hired at Disney. Many fans may know these stories already, but hearing them from the Bird man himself makes it just that much cooler.

He does quickly go over the upcoming 1906 saying it’s "an epic love story/mystery with quite a bit of action and comedy…" Nothing we haven’t heard before, but still very exciting! Read the full article here.

(Thanks, Dan)

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USA Today’s Extensive Article on Up, Pixar’s Past, Present and Future

A Bug's Life, Cars, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Monsters, Inc., Pete Docter, Ratatouille, The Bear and The Bow (Brave), The Incredibles, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, UP, WALL-E

Posted by Martin • May 22, 2009

USA Today is running a rich feature on Up including sections dedicated to Pixar’s past and future and an interactive timeline.

The main article starts off with a story about a couple who bond over Pixar movies. It’s a sweet tale of how the two lovebirds mark special occasions with these special movies. In the first few sections you’ll find USA Today’s non-spoilerific synopsis of the film with quotes from viewers weaved in, as well as a response to the Wall Street naysayers.

In the next section, the author takes Lasseter’s famous quote, "Quality is the best business plan", to the next level! This part of the article highlights the directors that make Pixar what it is and the new directors which will redefine the studio with their upcoming projects. Rejoining the 3D Revolution basically goes over how Pixar’s been making "3D" films all along, but that we only got to see them in 2D… until now. Restocking the Talent Pool talks about the new directors coming onto the scene. Last but not least there’s Repairing the Gender Gap which is a response to the recent question coming up around the ‘net: where are Pixar’s female leads? This section focuses on Brenda Chapman and her upcoming Pixar fairy tale which is "driven" by Merida "as opposed to having things happen to her. And there is no waiting for a prince."

Also of note is the interactive feature that chronicles each of Pixar’s 10 film. Laden with quotes from the directors and a clip of their favorite scene from their films, this is a fun way of anticipating the next installment in the Pixar canon. You can find that piece right here.

What are your opinions on the subject matter covered here? Enjoy reading this very fleshed out article, I highly recommend it!

(Thanks, TheIncredible)

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