Dug's Special Mission Logo Revealed?!

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With the huge announcements last week having to do with this fall’s Pixar home videos lots of pre-orders have been popping up on retailers websites, especially for the Up Blu-ray and DVD variations.

In Toy"R"Us’s case, they not only have the cover art for Up on 2-Disc DVD posted, but also what seems to be the first promotional material from Dug’s Special Mission! In the picture, the box besides Up shows Dug wearing aviator goggles and what seems to be the logo for this brand new short. You can see my not-so-great reconstruction to the right, click to view large.

For those who may not remember; Dug’s Special Mission, directed by Ronnie del Carmen, is the exclusive movie based short film packaged with all releases of Up on home video in the tradition of Mike’s New Car, Jack-Jack Attack etc. From the official press release: "An all new original short that follows the hilarious misadventures of Dug as he attempts to complete his ‘‘special mission.’‘ I can’t wait to hear Bob Peterson reprise his role as the lovable mutt in this sure-to-be-hilarious extra.

Judging by Dug’s "attire" in the graphic provided, could it be his "special" mission, which was instructed by Alpha, has something to do with those iconic biplanes seen during Up? Tell us what you think!

Last modified: August 16, 2009