Toy Story Mania iPhone/iPod Touch Game Released

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Leading experts have diagnosed a brand new condition spreading throughout humanity: Toy Story Mania!

Luckily, this "mania" is not detrimental to one’s health and is quite fun actually. The latest products to be affected are Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch which recently got an app based on the super popular ride at both US Disney Parks. For those who don’t know, the attraction is a highly addictive shooter set in a midway play set in Andy’s room.

Ok, let’s be serious, this branch of the Toy Story franchise has really exploded into something I didn’t expect. From Toy Story Midway Mania! "clones" at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s California Adventure + plans to open this attraction worldwide, to the upcoming video game adaptation. I’m glad it has gotten to be such a big deal in the company considering it’s one of those attractions that everyone will enjoy. I think I’m going to try this version of the game too, it includes the classic carnival activities like ring toss and balloon pop with a Toy Story twist, and it’s handheld!

You can purchase Toy Story Mania now on the iTunes Store for $4.99. If you bring your device (with game downloaded) to a Disney resort, you’ll also be in for a big surprise!

On a related note: I believe I mentioned earlier that Up had an iPhone application, specifically the THQ video game. It seems there are two Up apps, one being from Disney and completely free! Check that out here; includes a minimal game.

Last modified: August 17, 2009