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French Alternative Up Poster + Trailer

French Pixar fansite, Buzz & Cie has got their hands on a brand new poster design for Up. It’s for the French release of the movie, which has been dubbed: La-Haut.

The site also has the French theatrical trailer that has a few never before seen shots, such as Kevin pouncing on Dug, very funny. Good to see promotion building Up worldwide!

Pixar’s 10th film premieres in France at the Cannes Film Festival, as the opening movie, on May 13th, 2009! Opening in French wide release July 29th, 2009.

(Thanks, Frederic/via Buzz & Cie)

0 Responses to French Alternative Up Poster + Trailer

  1. Simon-Simon says:

    Do we know yet what the budget for Up will be?

  2. Bryko614 says:

    Can anyone get a translation?

  3. Archibald says:

    Here’s the translation of the new dialogue (starts at 01:27) :

    Russell : Give me your paw. Good. Say Hi.
    Doug : Hi there.
    Carl : Did this dog just say “Hi there” ?
    Doug : Oh yes !
    Carl : Argh !
    Doug : We barely know each other, but I love you already.

    Russell : Can we keep it, please ? Come on ! Come on !
    Carl : No !
    Russell : But it’s a talking dooog !

  4. Mitch says:

    Thank you for the translation, Archibald!

    I’m loving the new clips, despite the alternative dialect. I almost like it more in French, actually….

    Thanks for the information, Frederic and martini!

  5. C-3PO says:

    I understood most of it, but I couldn’t understand Doug’s last line and Russell’s last line, so thanks!

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