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Pixar Toys: Buzz in Movie Packaging & Rescue Squad Mater

Have you ever wanted an exact replica of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story?

"Mattel is proud to present the first ever 3 3/4” scale Buzz Lightyear figure with movie accurate packaging." Yes, that means he comes in the iconic spaceship that "lands" on Andy’s bed and changes the toy’s lives forever. The collectible figure will be sold at conventions only or at, reportedly.

Speaking of awesome toys, the Cars Toons line is coming very soon!

Rescue Squad Mater will be the first set with such die-cast’s as a burnt Lightning McQueen, firetruck Mater and dalmatian Mia and Tia. Take Five A Day has more information on the upcoming line of cars from the outrageousy hilarious interstitials. For example, the Mater the Greater set.
The expanded universe line is looking really awesome for collectors to display and kids to play with!

Mattel’s upcoming Pixar toys are shaping up to be worthy collector’s items, will you be buying these gems?

(Thanks, legionsofgotham from the Pixar Planet Forums/via Toy Legion)

0 Responses to Pixar Toys: Buzz in Movie Packaging & Rescue Squad Mater

  1. Kyle says:

    I wanted to see something like this come out since the first movie released, but the fact that this isn’t to scale, and has some weird proportions in my opinion kinda ruins it for me.I mean, look at the way his shoulders protrude out. (you have to look at the pic of him outside the box)

    If they don’t release a full scale figure of him in the movie accurate packaging Im going to attempt to make my own outta cardboard, maybe a 2 liter of soda and tape/glue.

  2. Those Cars toys, especially the diecasts, are a real money spinner aren’t they? I have to admit, though, the dalmation cars do look cute.

    I remember when I had a Buzz Lightyear toy when Toy Story came out. I thought the wings flying out were so cool, so I’m glad kids today get to experience that again. The original packaging is a neat idea, but it’s a bummer that it’s an exclusive. I suppose kids would just rip open the neat packaging anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I much prefer the Toy Story toys from Thinkway Toys. The mattel Toy Story toys just don’t quite look right.

  4. Kyle says:

    Much agreed. do we know if they plan to do their own line? I know they pulled out of UP merchendising, but was that just one movie, or the start of a trend? Maybe Pixar/Disney is fine with letting Mattel handle things.
    I really hope they don’t pass up the chance to let think way do a new line again. I had my issues with their stuff too, but they always felt more authentic.

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