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Hollywood Reporter Q&A with Jim Morris

The Hollywood Reporter had the pleasure of having a Q&A session with WALL•E producer, Jim Morris. 

They chat about his attraction to WALL•E, trends in VFX and animation, the animation pipeline at Pixar and Stereo 3-D production. 

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  1. Walleuse says:

    Today is my birthday, and I choose this day to thank you for this wonderful website ! I check it for over six months now, I’m so impatient to see the fantastic Wall-E, it will be the best Pixar I think, maybe the best animation movie ever ! ^^ But I’m begging you just for one little thing : don’t spoil too much in two days, the release in France is only in the end of july, so a shame I know 🙁 Thanks again for this great job, M. from Paris

  2. bawpcwpn says:

    I promise I won’t spoil anything. It doesn’t open here till September. You’ll be seeing it before I do.

  3. Walleuse says:

    That’s a good news ! …for me. * sympathetic *

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