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New ‘Brave’ Trailer To Premiere In Three Days?

The iTunes Movie Trailers website now features a banner adorned with the Brave logo that boldly announces "Change Your Fate in 3 Days."

Although it isn’t explicitly stated, one might assume that Apple’s trailer website will exclusively host our latest look at Pixar’s upcoming epic in just a couple of days. The aforementioned slogan has been an integral part of the Brave campaign since its inception, so the film’s latest trailer is likely to continue this theme.

We’ll surely find out this Thursday. Stay tuned!

Brave opens in US theatres on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?

2 Responses to New ‘Brave’ Trailer To Premiere In Three Days?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how is everything?

    Just a note to say hi, while hoping everything is well. I have a business development video ready for Disney, but I was unable to send it to the Disney job site, due to a password problem. I asked the site for the prompt to change it, but never received it. I figure it was because of the holiday. That request was early this morning. Anyway, have you heard anything about work?This is another week. Are they still waiting for another company? This is taking too long. Its been years. How would anyone feel, if this was happening to them?

    Looking forward to the movie Brave.

    Helen Harris-Scott

  2. Anonymous says:

    New website update!! Amazing introduction and illustrations!! I can’t wait for this movie!

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