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New Luca Poster, Monsters At Work Teaser, And Ghibli Crossovers

Luca Monsters At Work Monsters, Inc. Round-Ups

Luca is releasing on Disney+ on June 18th – just under a month away – but there have been some other bits of Pixar news floating around that people may have missed in all the excitement. Here’s a little Woody’s Round-Up for you all.

First up: look at this gorgeous new Japanese Luca poster!

It looks like the Japanese title for Luca is more along the lines of “Luca’s Summer“.

While we’re on the subject of Pixar in Japan, did anyone else spot this tweet from the official Studio Ghibli Twitter account?

There are all sorts of theories going around now that a Ghibli/Pixar collaboration might be happening, but to us it just looks like a lovely piece of crossover art. Ghibli and Pixar have an ongoing relationship anyway, evidenced by Totoro’s appearance in Toy Story 3.

And finally, we received our first teaser for Monsters At Work last week. It’s releasing on Disney+ on July 2nd. We’ll follow our main protagonist Tylor Tuskmon through the realisation that his dream of working at Monsters Inc. may not be exactly what he had mind.

This spin-off series takes place immediately after the events of Monsters Inc. – it looks like Mike and Sulley will be taking over from Henry Waternoose (if you look closely, you can see his photo on the desk. Did that guy seriously have a photo of himself in his office?)

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