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Pixar Releases Three New Charming Character Posters for Luca

Luca News Poster

Luca is now only two weeks away, making its Disney+ premiere on June 18th. We’ve been captivated by the idyllic beauty of Portorosso, the seaside town where Luca, Alberto, and Giulia have their adventures. The film already looks like it’s the perfect ode to summertime as well as childhood friendships.

Check out the new posters that were just unveiled today of the three friends:

These posters do a great job of showing the sea monster identity of the two boys. Half in/half out of the water also points to the ability they have to live in both worlds, though their fishy origins are kept a secret.

Giulia’s is the most adorable to me. She’s wearing her beanie even in the ocean. The scuba mask is a brilliant touch too. She may not have gills like Luca and Alberto, but she can still breathe underwater.

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