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Ciao Alberto: Back to our favorite seaside village


What better time to return to the sun drenched shores of Portorosso than in dreary, chilly November? For anyone missing the sea and warmth, Ciao Alberto is the perfect excursion.

The short, directed by McKenna Harris, premiered on Disney+ over the weekend. Alberto writes letters to Luca, away at school. Life in Portorosso is pleasant, but not perfect. Alberto gets into hijinks that cause Massimo some headaches. Whether it’s complaints from customers about his deliveries, exploding pasta sauce or a burning boat, Alberto just can’t seem to do anything right. But of course, this doesn’t make Massimo love him any less. It’s hard to think of Massimo not being prepared for Alberto’s quirks, considering how similar he is to Giulia.

Our first time seeing his eyes?

Alberto is so precious and his vulnerability continues to peek out from the protective bravado he wears. One of the reasons I’m fond of this short is because Massimo is my favorite. Although Alberto’s too eager to help and creates chaos, the two of them make such a perfect pair. Opposites attract and all that. A rambunctious boy who loves his strong, silent dad? A dynamic for the ages.

Ciao Alberto it has the same elements that made Luca such a dear, lovable movie. It’s sweet and simple with bright colors. Hopefully Pixar is working hard on more shorts. First time director Harris imbues this with love and care, and so much energy. At eight minutes long it moves at a quick pace, making us wish we could linger over it longer.

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