Peter Sohn's Future Looks Sunny with Partly Cloudy

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CGSociety has got an extensive article where director Peter Sohn sheds some light on Partly Cloudy and its origins.

The voice of Emile tells the story of his childhood as a Korean immigrant and how it ties in to the brand new Pixar short film and Disney’s classic Dumbo. He also gives us some insight on how he became an animator (and what inspired him) as well as how he got to Pixar featuring a funny cameo with Brad Bird. From production artist, to animator, to voice actor and now to director, Peter Sohn sure is multi-talented! The way his whole life ties in and culminates on Partly Cloudy is fascinating and worth a thorough read.

The article features art from the film (you can see one of the storyboards to the right, click to view larger) and shots from movies Peter has worked on. Check it out and give it a read over at CGSociety!

Partly Cloudy, the story of baby-building cloud Gus and his delivery stork Peck, premieres in US theatres with Up, on May 29th, 2009!

How excited are you about Peter Sohn’s directorial debut?

Last modified: April 9, 2009