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Pixar Appearances: Michael Arndt, Robert Kondo, James Robertson + More!

Who wouldn’t want to meet the talent behind Toy Story 3? Here’s your chance!

Consider it the Blu-ray pre-release tour. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s like having the film’s special features live — a month before release: 

Sunday, September 12th
Art of Toy Story 3 Artists Panel

In the LA area? Pixarians Robert Kondo (Set Art Director) and James Robertson (Story Artist) are scheduled to appear at Gallery Nucleus this Sunday (tomorrow!) for a special presentation followed by a Q&A opportunity. Afterwards, the talented duo will sign copies of The Art of Toy Story 3.

Entrance is extra-affordable at only $2 dollars per person. Can’t make it? Please visit the presentation’s official page to order a signed book.

(via The Pixar Times on Twitter)

Saturday, October 23rd
Pixar Story Development

Toy Story 3 screenwriter, Michael Arndt, is set to make an appearance at the Austin Film Festival to conduct two insightful talks.

Pixar Story Development Process: Mary Coleman and Emily Zuluaf (Dev. Execs) join Arndt to discuss the studio’s steps towards fostering original ideas. These include research trips and feedback from the Brain Trust.

How 4 Years of Creative Agony Became 93 Minutes of Movie Fun: Also led by Arndt, this talk is accompanied by reels from various stages of Toy Story 3 production to exemplify missteps and how they were rectified by the time the film was completed.

For more information, including tickets and a full list events, please check out the official website of the Austin Film Festival.

(Thanks, Izaac from Pixar News Australia)


Let us know if you have the chance to attend any of these wonderful events!

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  1. nickname510 says:

    well,I guess with all of the Oakland Museum talks being 15 minutes away it should be hard for me to complain that I can’t make it to these. I am sure they will be really interesting

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