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Pixar at Comic-Con Preview

Pixar is surely among the studios presenting their newest film(s) at San Diego Comic-Con International this year.

Note that this post is half speculation, so be aware of that while reading. Although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, I’m pretty sure Disney will bring along their tent pole films for 2010. That includes the much anticipated Toy Story 3, of course! If that’s so, it’s almost a sure bet Lee Unkrich will be there! He’ll probably show an extended trailer, new footage, reveal new characters or a combination.

I’m also wondering if the re-releases of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D will have presence at the Con. So far we haven’t seen much advertisement for the two week limited engagement, that is, besides a mini ad on the official Toy Story website. Maybe they could show 3D footage from this double feature exclusively to the audience.

Again, the above is all speculation but we do know of some Pixar-related appearances. Cars will have a confirmed presence through Mattel and the BOOM! Comics series! Their presentation will be held in Room 5AB at 2:00 PM on Sunday, July 26, 2009. Expect news on the brand new toys coming next year and maybe, just maybe some announcements on Cars 2. Alan J. Porter, writer of the Cars comics, will also be there to talk about further establishments of The World of Cars comics.

We’ll be bringing you the official announcements and reports on Pixar’s presence at the biggest pop culture convention in the world as soon as it’s available! Learn more about Comic-Con here.

What are your thoughts on Comic-Con ’09? Who/What are you excited to hear about from the convention?

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    Just curious does Disney do Comic con as well.

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