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Up Weekday Box Office (6/15/09-6/18/09) [UPDATE X3]

Maybe it’s the 3D, maybe it’s the characters, maybe it’s the competition…

What makes Up so successful is… up for question but the fact that it is can’t be argued with. What we do know for sure is that Pete Docter’s little film is about to beat Toy Story domestically, it’ll reach $200 million soon and it’s got great "legs." Pixar’s new movie is even on track to beat The Incredibles (the studio’s 2nd highest grosser) according to predictions by Variety! As we’ve been doing every week, each day we’ll update with the latest totals (via Box Office Mojo) right below:

Monday: $3,615,623
Tuesday: $3,978,138
Wednesday: $3,816,612
Thursday: $3,939,893

Today’s cumulative box-office brings the film to: $202,776,255

Notes and Predictions: This week Up should end at a solid #3 due to competition from somewhat anticipated new releases like The Proposal and Year One. It most definitely should break through to $200 million by Friday and, not to sound redundant but it’ll obviously break Toy Story’s US/Canada gross immediately.

Records: Apparently Up is creeping… up on some records. Right now it’s the third highest grossing movie of the year and it’s only the third week in release! It’s speeding up right behind Monsters Vs. Aliens (which Up is about to surpass) and this year’s highest grosser so far, Star Trek. In fact, it’s on the same track (as far as box office goes) as the aforementioned movie. Up has also reached number 100 of the top grossing films of all time domestically!

Update: Big congratulations to Pete Docter and the team at Pixar/Disney on surpassing $200 million dollars at the US box office, can’t wait to see where it ends up in America and worldwide!

Keep it here for updates each day and watch as Up flies above the competition!

(via Box Office Mojo)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    great news!
    so proud of our new baby

  2. Shark Bait says:

    This is a big week for Up. It passed Toy Story on Tuesday, passed Monsters vs. Aliens yesterday, is sure to hit $200 million today, and will most likely pass Ratatouille by Friday. It might even be within a million or two of WALL•E by Sunday.

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