Pixar Projection Site Reopens for 'Brave'!

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Projectionists handle the last step in the process of delivering a film to audiences. Good or bad projection can make or break a moviegoing experience, so over the past few years, Pixar has been adamant about helping exhibitors provide the best projection possible for the studio’s films.

The Pixar Projection site is a part of that process, designed to explain the proper projection specifications for the film and the steps to optimally displaying Pixar’s features. Updated for Brave this morning, the page provides a fascinating insight into the projection process for casual fans. Besides that, the exact running times for La Luna (6:54) and Brave (1:33:30) are also included, and it confirms that the Monsters University and Finding Nemo 3D trailers will both be attached to Brave. Take a look here.

Hope for the best projection possible when Brave arrives on June 22!

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Last modified: June 20, 2012