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Ratatouille Wins Golden Globe

Cinematical have announced the winners of 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards at a press conference today.

Among the winners, Brad Bird and the crew at Pixar have won the award for Best Animated Feature Film for Ratatouille. The other two nominee’s were Fox’s The Simpsons Movie and Dreamworks’ Bee Movie.

Congratulations to Brad Bird and everyone at Pixar who contributed to this marvelous film, on winning this award. Let’s hope you can pull it off again at the 80th Academy Awards!

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  1. CountSolo says:

    Hooray! This didn’t really come as a surprise to me, considering that “Ratatouille” has pretty much swept (or at least, almost swept) all the precursor awards. Of course, I’m happy not because the movie was made by Pixar, but because it was a masterpiece that deserved the award (Although by now, expecting Pixar to create a movie that isn’t a masterpiece is kind of like expecting to win the lottery twice – it’s possible, but not very likely. They’ve released 8 brilliant movies in a row for crying out loud…).

    Since “Cars” won the very first Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Film last year, and “Ratatouille” won the same award this year, I wonder if the HFPA will consider renaming it the “Golden Globe Award that Pixar will win” if WALL-E ends up victorious next year 😉 Jokes aside, I certainly hope that WALL-E would be just as good – if not even better – than Pixar’s other films.

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