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An Aussie At Pixar

The West Australian as a delightful article on 39-year-old, father of four, Brian Green from Melbourne. 

The article tells of how Green got a job at Pixar back in 1997 when he was working at Animal Logic (Happy Feet), and how email was relatively new and exciting to them all, so Green searched up Pixar, found an email, sent off his resumé, and to his surprise he receives a phone call from Pixar, wanting to fly him over for an interview. Green mentions he is currently working on Toy Story 3.
The author also chats with John Lasseter and poses the question of a sequel to 2003 blockbuster, Finding Nemo.

"There’s nothing to say about that," Lasseter abruptly replies. 

So Finding Nemo 2 is not on Pixar’s drawing boards? 

"I can’t really talk about that. Sorry," Lasseter, shutting down the question with a look that says do not ask anything more about it. 

Pixar is famously secretive about future projects, so the terse response adds to speculation Finding Nemo 2 is indeed on its way.

adds the article. It’s an enjoyable read, so why not check it out here.

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  1. Go Aussies!

    Ouch. Don’t mess with John Lasseter. He must get annoyed when people always pry him for info on future projects, though. But what does he expect?

    I really hope there isn’t a Finding Nemo 2. I don’t think that was the point of the film. Maybe Pixar’s stock answer from now on is the good ol’ “I can’t talk about that,” regardless of whether the rumour is true or not.

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