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Super High Res WALL•E Image

I took time to extract the super high resolution (1685×2009) image of WALL•E (pictured right) from the The Walt Disney Company’s 2007 Annual Shareholder Report, as reported here.

Just click the image to the right, or better yet, right click and save as because it is about 4.2MB.

UPDATE: I know realise that IE and Firefox do not like CMYK colour profiled images. So I have converted the image to an RGB profile also, which can be obtained here. The CMYK version is still available by clicking on the image to the right, as the colours in that version are more accurate.
UPDATE 2: Upcoming Pixar reader Billy, has merged the image from the previous page in the report with my above image, to complete the image. You can download that here.


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  1. Thanks so much for doing this. I love the detail.


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