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We have a quick Woody’s round-up of Pixar news this week to tide you over while we all excitedly await the inevitable Luca updates on the near horizon.

A new Soul short?

According to a press release for Disney+ Latin America, it looks like there’s new Soul short to look forward to: it will take place before the events of the movie, focusing on 22 in the Great Before. An official English title hasn’t been released yet, but 22 Contra la Tierra could become 22 Against Earth, or 22 Against The World, or something entirely different. Here’s the translated plot:

“Before the events of Pixar’s Soul, 22 refuses to go to Earth and creates a band of 5 new souls, with intention of rebellion. But the activities of the group give unexpected results: 22’s subversive plan could lead to a surprising revelation about the significance of life.”

The Disney+ Latin America press release stated an April 30th release date, but this has yet to be confirmed elsewhere.

No Short To Accompany Luca

At this point, there are no plans to release a Pixar short alongside Luca according to the film’s director, Enrico Casarosa, on Twitter. Having a short play before a Pixar movie feels like tradition at this point, but it hasn’t always been the case, and it’s understandable given the decision to opt for a Disney+ exclusive release. The SparkShorts program more than makes up for it anyway!

Finding Nemo‘s new namesake

It’s not often we get to talk about science and nature at Upcoming Pixar, so this is pretty exciting: Nemo has a new namesake! A recently discovered species of peacock spider has been named for the male’s orange and white colouration, giving it a look of our favourite little clownfish. Maratus nemo is also fittingly found in Australia, where much of the movie took place.

Evolutionary Systematics. The resemblance is uncanny.

Ronnie Del Carmen developing a movie for Netflix

Ronnie Del Carmen, who has worked on many Pixar movies and co-directed Inside Out, is currently working on an animated movie for Netflix. The movie is going to be inspired by Filipino lore and mythology.

Quests of Yore board game release

The Onward role-playing board game Quests of Yore has been delayed due to COVID-19, but it now has a release date: April 30th 2021. And we can’t wait! Director Dan Scanlon teased an advanced copy on his Twitter last week:

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