Signed WALL•E Poster Up for Auction

Andrew Stanton News WALL-E

Last year during Emery Ed‘s pre-release screening of WALL•E, a poster signed by Andrew Stanton was put up for auction.

Now the non-profit organization is putting out this statement regarding the collectible:
"Due to unfortunate circucmstances, the purchaser [of the signed poster] could not pay for such a collectable."
As you can probably guess, the public has the chance to get their hands on this one of a kind, but there’s a catch, you must fork over $1,000 or out bid everyone else. Learn more here, and if you’re interetsed, e-mail or call 510-601-4997.

Good luck to prospecive buyers, and remember, not only are you getting an awesome autographed poster, but you’re also helping education.

Remember: Emery Ed is still selling tickets for their pre-release screening of Up, get tickets here.

Would you fork over one-thousand dollars for this beautiful collector’s item? I sure would, if I had the money.

(Thanks, t14revolution)

Last modified: March 31, 2009