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The Girl Who Cried WALL•E

Some of you may have heard the story about a girl named Courtney, who cried at the WALL•E teaser trailer, and posted it on YouTube and her blog for the world to see. Well this was only the beginning of a heart warming tale of generosity and kindness from the folks at Pixar. 

So the story goes, after posting the video, folks at Pixar started to get a hold of it emails started coming in telling her how much they appreciated it. Only then for a producer at Pixar to send an email telling her they had a Christmas present for her; a crew jacket and a nice note. 
What a display of kindness! But now for the cherry on the cake. Last month, she got more emails from the folks at Pixar, including the producers, inviting her to attend the Pixar premiere of WALL•E. They flew Courtney and her boyfriend out to SF, put them up in a hotel. At the screening, Andrew Stanton said the following,

"Six months ago, when the first trailer for Wall-E came out, we were only halfway done with the film, and we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to get it done. We were exhausted. And then, one day, a movie showed up on YouTube showing a girl watching the trailer for Wall-E. And every time she watched it, she would cry on cue. When we saw that, we knew we were on the right track."

She was even teased by Brad Bird. The next day she got a tour of Pixar. 

This truly is a heart warming display of affection and kindness from Pixar to a girl who inspired them and reassured them that their movie was going to be good. Read the full account here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why would anyone record themselves crying and post it on youtube. people do what not to get famous.

  2. Netbug009 says:

    Dang, lucky girl.

  3. Mitch says:

    Ha-ha. How charming! That was very sweet of the fellows at Pixar to do that for her.

    I remember when I first saw that video; I was cracking up, and I still laugh incredibly hard every time I see it. I guess that the joke was on me, though, as I ended up crying just as hard during the end credits of the film…. (heheh)

  4. Note to self: film myself watching the Up trailer and make amazed reactions and then put video up on YouTube.

    (Yes, I’m a shoe-in for the Up premiere next year, now… * rubs hands together *)

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