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Up Projection Website Now Live + TS3 Teaser Premiere Confirmed

In the beginning of the month, we revealed the run-times of Up (1:36:06), Partly Cloudy (5:45) and The Princess and the Frog trailer (2:32) totaling up to a full program of 104 minutes.

Now we are proud to present to you the final, live Pixar Projection website for Up. If you are not familiar with it, Pixar updates this page each year for use of projectionists so that they can showcase the movie to the highest standards possible. Anyhow, some cool media is available on the site including a welcome video on the home page by Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera done at one of the sound mixing sessions. As usual, there’s a contest for projectionists only, so if you are one or you know one, let them know, they could win a trip to Pixar! On the site you can also see each reel and the technical specifications for optimum projection.

Speaking of tech. specs., that part of the page has a nice little tidbit. Remember what John Ratzenberger said about the Toy Story 3 teaser being attached to Up? His claim has now been confirmed with this passage in between all the tech talk: "The trailer for TOY STORY 3 is supplied as a single separate encode" That’s right, the trailer will be part of the program, but added separately and ONLY with digital screenings. It was thought that this clip would premiere in front of the 3D re-release of the two Toy Story films, but early reactions may have changed that! Now it seems the full theatrical TS3 trailer will be attached to that release.

Be sure to notify your theatre manager if anything you read about on the Perfect Projection site was missing when you see this film in one week days!

0 Responses to Up Projection Website Now Live + TS3 Teaser Premiere Confirmed

  1. Kyle says:

    So which is it? Teaser or full theatrical? I doubt they would show the full trailer just yet, its too soon. They’ll probably tease it for now, and maybe attach the full trailer the 3d re releases at the earliest.

  2. martini833 says:

    I’m going to have to say it’s the teaser that Variety described not too long ago. As I wrote in the article, it seems the full theatrical trailer will be attached to TS/TS23D and the teaser (which is also a trailer technically) will be with Up on digital projections ONLY.

  3. Mitch says:

    Ha-ha. The projectionists get trading cards along with the print? I’m so jealous….

    Thanks for this exciting information, martini!

  4. Kyle says:

    Ahh, my bad, I missread. I thought you said the full theatrical would be attatched to UP, now I see it was refering to the re releases. makes sense.

    I hope it does work out that way. I mean, I was already excited at just seeing the teaser before the first 2 toy story’s but if instead I get the full trailer, it’ll be a great day for Toy Story fans everywhere. A full trailer beats a teaser any day.

    Not to mention we’ll get the teaser in less than a week, so I’m pumped.

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