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Up Weekday Box-Office (6/1/09-6/4/09) [UPDATE X3]

Let’s review: Up became the 3rd highest opening weekend for Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures’ animated releases and second for opening day. Pete Docter’s sophomore effort can claim to be the biggest opening for a 3D film and is the 10th consecutive #1 opener for Pixar out of their 10 films!

Now it’s the weekday and Up is still raking in the cash. Because school isn’t out everywhere in the US, Up isn’t making as much as WALL•E for it’s first Monday, but it’s still grossing considerably more than Monsters Vs. Aliens on the equivalent day. We’ll be updating this post daily with the new totals and on Sunday we’ll publish the weekends take.

Monday Gross: $6,271,151
Tuesday Gross: $6,405,897
Wednesday Gross: $6,116,646
Thursday Gross: $6,169,951

Today’s cumulative box-office brings the film to: $93,072,435

Notes and Predictions: This Friday especially should see a bigger-than-usual crowd now that many schools are coming out in the US. Thursday should end at around 90+ million and Up should finally break the 100 million mark this weekend!

Critic’s Corner: Up is still Up there with 166 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, almost unanimously positive. The tally is at 163 Fresh, 3 Rotten giving Up an approval rating of 98%! So far on IMDB Up is #12 in their Top 250.

Keep checking back!

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  1. annarborjack says:

    I get out next week but,um. Whatever.

  2. And to think. That’s with the kids IN school

    I can’t wait to see Friday’s total

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