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WALL•E DVD Packaging Preview [Update]

A user over at has recieved an ealy copy of WALLE on 3 disc DVD and has very kindly photographed the packaging. The DVDs are enclosed in "Earth (and Space) Friendly Eco-Packaging" which slips out to the sides with the DVDs and scene selection/bonus material guides. The pictures also offer a peek at the BURNE character shot and logo. Apparently when you buy this DVD you get a promotional Up mini-poster.

Edit: The post has been updated to feature screencaps from the menus on the DVD. They look amazing!

Thanks to johoitsjoefosho from the Pixar Planet Forums and to lighthousemike from Ultimate Disney for sharing these pictures.

0 Responses to WALL•E DVD Packaging Preview [Update]

  1. Al-Bob says:

    Sweet…gonna get the 3 disk-DVD

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst packaging I have seen other than Simpsons season 11. There is no need for eco packaging on something that is meant to be kept, not thrown in the trash!

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