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WALL•E Scenes Screened at Pixar was invited for a tour of Pixar and a screening of a few scenes from WALL•E yesterday. As usual with most tours, it was led by Pixar University Dean, Randy Nelson, who showed them around the studio before taking them into the screening room to see several scenes from WALL•E.

"We’re recording the last bit of audio today [April 3]," says Tom Porter, Associate Producer of WALL*E. "We’ve got about 210 shots left to complete, and we hope to wrap by the end of April. We’re very proud of how this one is coming together."

says the report. Another piece of information which is interesting t o note, Jason Deamer, Character Art Director for the film said that they got in the iPod design team to help create EVE. It seems that some were correct when drawing comparisons between iPods and EVE.  Read the full report here.

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  1. I’m glad that they’re happy with their work on the movie 🙂 good news for us fans I think!

    That’s interesting about the iPod design team helping out on EVE, cause yeah, EVE is all shiny and sleek and white. er, that sentence is maybe a bit oddly construed.

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