Woody's News Round-Up (8/25/09)

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Miscellaneous Pixar news! To go or for here?

Terry Gilliam Loves Pixar: This seems to be all over the Pixar news radar. Famed director Terry Gilliam wants to work for Pixar, he’d even sweep the floors if he had to! It’s cool that such a well-known director openly aspires to have a job at arguably the best animation studio ever, but he’s definitely not the first. Join the club Mr. Gilliam, join the club… Apparently he’s even confronted Andrew Stanton at the WALL•E premiere about it! Good luck to him. Read more about this story over at Slash Film.

Sticky Notes at Pixar: Lee Unkrich recently posted an interesting sticky note on his Twitter. It’s a simple sketch by story artist Matthew Luhn that happens to be a pretty big deal. That’s because it was the inspiration for the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 in 3D poster! On the other side of things, Pixar animator Lindsay VanderGalien has been posting some really great sticky notes featuring Pixar characters (like this one) that she draws regularly. Follow her to be updated whenever she has a new one.

Amazon Previews Monsters, Inc. Roundtable: As with the A Bug’s Life Blu-ray release, key Pixarians got together to look back on the production of another Pixar classic. The Monsters, Inc. roundtable crew consists of Director Pete Docter, Co-Director Lee Unkrich, Producer Darla K. Anderson and Story Supervisor Bob Peterson. These all-stars will undoubtedly have tons to say about the beloved classic. You can watch a preview of that segment from the November 10th release of Monsters, Inc. on 3-Disc Blu-ray over at!


Last modified: August 25, 2009