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Sneak Peek at a New Pixar Production Featuring a Boy and His Dinosaur? [UPDATE]

It’s typical to find concept art all over a Pixarian’s wall, but it isn’t everyday when an unannounced character shows up hidden in a Pixar featurette.

That’s why the still above is so interesting. That’s Greg Dykstra, a character sculptor at Pixar showing his model for a young version of Carl during an Up featurette. Behind him (circled, click to view larger) you’ll notice a boy and a dinosaur.

Does anyone know what this could be? Bryko614, who noticed the concept art above while watching the Up B-Roll, took that question to Ronnie del Carmen. Via del Carmen’s Twitter: "@Bryko614 I do. But not telling. Nothing to do with anything Toy Story, tell you that." Understandable.

Hmm… Could it be concept for a feature? Definitely not Cars 2; sounds kind of farfetched for The Bear and the Bow or Newt. With this, I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s probably art for an upcoming short film.

Update: The Pixar Touch author David A. Price pointed this blog post out to me via e-mail although I did not have time to update. The post by animator Austin Madison features a group of Pixarians including Greg Dykstra at a dinosaur dig. Sounds like a research trip to me…

We’ll let you know if anything develops further like plot details or other announcements as they come. Your thoughts…?

0 Responses to Sneak Peek at a New Pixar Production Featuring a Boy and His Dinosaur? [UPDATE]

  1. Anonymous says:

    My guess is its for a short. Doesn’t seem to fit in with the announce releases. Or maybe a TV commercial?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could it be “Dinosaur Bob” by (Meet the Robinsons) William Joyce?

  3. annarborjack says:

    Cool! Maybe their doing a dinosaur movie,heh heh,I’m going to the Zoo today and their showing a 3D Dinosaur movie there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    No, pixar doesn’t make book-to-movie films

  5. Anonymous says:

    i would guess that it is an early concept for russell and maybe what eventually became kevin

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ronnie del Carmen said it’s a secret, so it’s probaly short with Cars 2, newt, or The Bear and the Bow or a movie that comes out after newt

  7. Anonymous says:

    maybe Greg’s working on something of his own 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s certainly interesting. Anonymous #4, that’s actually plausible, but I think something like that would’ve been shown in The Art of Up. Also, since Up has already released, I doubt Ronnie del Carmen would be so secretive about it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    OR… it could just be some artwork he did. Something he wants to pitch someday, or even just for fun…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe something to do with Dinoco? Another fantasy TV ad like in the first Cars?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe at one point in development it was dinosaurs that Muntz was looking for in UP. I suspect that’s what it was for.

  12. bennifer3000 says:

    No, it’s definitely a new IP.

    Whether it’s a short or full-length feature, Del Carmen wouldn’t take the quiet approach bbased on old UP ideas….

    My only concern is this affects future featurettes. I sincerely hope that isn’t the case.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dykstra has a background in paleontology and still goes on paleontological digs. His office was filled with pictures of dinosaurs the last time I visited, and that was two years ago. I wouldn’t make to much of it.

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