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Cars 2: World Grand Prix? [UPDATE]

Is Cars 2 getting a subtitle? Disney’s latest domain purchases point to a big YES.

Jim Hill Media is reporting that Disney registered these websites yesterday (unconfirmed):


    I’m really liking the new extended title — Cars 2: World Grand Prix. It’s very fitting for the confirmed plot having to do with Lightning and Mater’s world tour. To read more about the state of Cars’ multi-billion dollar franchise (including toys, online worlds and theme park attractions) read JHM’s full article here.

    Update: This update is long over due. I would just like to comment once again that I’m all for the Brad Lewis directed sequel and truthfully look forward to the further adventures of Lightning and Mater. Yes, Cars is technically a cash cow but let’s have more faith in Pixar and trust they have more than just a money-maker up their sleeves.

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    1. Simon-Simon says:

      This just got interesting!

    2. woody says:

      hehe LOL! i wonder why they put up a sub title for the sequel if the first one didn’t have one :S.

    3. Anonymous says:

      “Terminator 2: The Judgement Day” or “Ghost in The Shell 2: Innocence” or “Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa” anyone? Doesn’t seem all that unusual, does it?

    4. I remember reading this through my Google News Alert today at about 2:00 or so! XD I told my friends about it! They seem excited! 😀 And so do I!

    5. Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget “The Godfather, Part 2: Fredo’s Brains.”

      don’t trust anything jim hill says.

    6. Anonymous says:

      Kind of disappointed by this news. Not surprised, but Id love to see a few more original titles. With Toy Story 3 coming out and the recent news of Monsters 2 Id like to see something different!

    7. annarborjack says:

      I GOTTA FEELING that this is gonna be terrible,and that this a direct to dvd sequel.

    8. Anonymous says:

      I can’t wait for Cars 2. Even though it wasn’t as magical as other Pixar movies, next to WALL-E, it is my favourite movie.

      Cars 2 will not go direct to DVD. Disney is not going to pass up hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

    9. Anonymous says:

      Sorry, I meant Cars, not Cars 2, is my favourite!

    10. Anonymous says:

      the cars characters are big hits at disney world and it’s merchandise sells out real fast so it’s probaly going to be a lot more little ones than anyone else

    11. Anonymous says:

      Yep, Cars did more than 9 Billion Dollars in merchandising (yes 9 Billion Dollars) and Disney will probably that cow for years to come.

      What I don’t understand is how (relatively) awful movies like Cars get sequels while films like The Incredibles are left hanging.

    12. Sally Jonson says:

      I simply CANNOT WAIT for this movie to come out!! As soon as I watched Cars I was on the internet looking for anything that would indicate a Cars 2. When the rumor was confirmed, I literally screamed!!! Everyone looked at me weird, but then they freaked out when I told them too. After knowing that, you can probably imagine how excited I was to know that Cars 2 is comin’ out like a year before it’s original date. So, my plans are to go see it at the Route 66 drive-in theater we have here in our town with my best friends. This is goin’ to be awesome!!!!

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