Cars 2: World Grand Prix? [UPDATE]

Cars 2 News Online

Is Cars 2 getting a subtitle? Disney’s latest domain purchases point to a big YES.

Jim Hill Media is reporting that Disney registered these websites yesterday (unconfirmed):


    I’m really liking the new extended title — Cars 2: World Grand Prix. It’s very fitting for the confirmed plot having to do with Lightning and Mater’s world tour. To read more about the state of Cars’ multi-billion dollar franchise (including toys, online worlds and theme park attractions) read JHM’s full article here.

    Update: This update is long over due. I would just like to comment once again that I’m all for the Brad Lewis directed sequel and truthfully look forward to the further adventures of Lightning and Mater. Yes, Cars is technically a cash cow but let’s have more faith in Pixar and trust they have more than just a money-maker up their sleeves.

  • Last modified: August 24, 2009