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Full Up Website… Up!

You’ve been waiting patiently until May 29th for quite some time now, finally here’s a big preview of Up through the official website to satisfy your cravings… for now!

The page includes a movie description, with filmmaker bios and production notes coming soon. There’s also a section dedicated to character bios with a full description and even an animated clip for each personality. The characters seen so far on the site include Carl, Russell, Kevin, Dug and the pack of vicious dogs named Alpha, Beta and Gamma. You can get a wallpaper or IM icon featuring each one on their respective pages, with a downloads section coming soon. You can also play an exclsuive Pac-Man style game, Kevin’s Chocogobble, on the site. Of course, there’s a gallery of images from the movie and another gallery with videos such as trailers, TV spots and UPisodes, as well.

Each page includes an animated introduction… just a taste of the action to come later this year! If you’re itching for an UP fix, head on over to the official site now!

The website looks really nice, what do you think, what’s your favorite feature?

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  1. Simon-Simon says:

    I am excited beyond words for the soundtrack. And the little tease we got to hear in the intro to the site was so epic and so beautiful! This has made my day the best of the week (haha I realize it’s Tuesday :P)

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