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Here’s Your Chance To Ask The Team Behind Finding Dory Questions!


Upcoming Pixar will have the opportunity to interview the cast, directors, and producer of Finding Dory next week on June 9th. Do you have any questions for directors Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane? What about any inquiries for the cast on your favorite fishy friends? Not only will you have the chance to ask them questions, but you’ll also be featured in a future post. Tweet us your questions or leave us a comment below about what you’d like us to ask them or know about their 17th feature film.

Don’t forget to check out Finding Dory when it splashes into theaters June 17th!

Just… keep… swimming!

3 Responses to Here’s Your Chance To Ask The Team Behind Finding Dory Questions!

  1. I have so many things to say! But I guess I’ll have to settle with these questions:

    *How much has Finding Dory benefited from the technological advances of The Good Dinosaur?
    *If I remember correctly, the Toy Story character models from the older films had to rebuilt from scratch for Toy Story 3 due to how old they were. Did the same thing happen to the Finding Nemo cast for Finding Dory? Their models look so much better now!
    *This isn’t really Finding Dory-related, but please hear me out. Will we ever get to see the Cars Toon ‘To Protect and Serve’?

    Thank you so much Upcoming Pixar for taking the time to consider these!

  2. What I’d like to ask them:

    What was the difference between creating Finding Nemo with the computer graphics technology in 2003 and creating Finding Dory with the actual technology?

  3. Drums says:

    While creating Finding Nemo, was there ever the idea to dive into Dory’s parents in a later movie, or was the idea born way later?

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